Halal Industrial Park Baltach (HIP "Baltach")

Press Release:

On November 19, 2010 Halal Industrial Park Baltach (HIP "Baltach") was
officialy launched in Tatarstan. This is the first project in Russia, aimed
at developing of small and medium-sized businesses in the Halal industry.
The aim of the project is deep processing of agricultural products grown by
private holdings, farmers, and creation of conditions and opportunities for
small and medium-sized businesses for production of agricultural products -
and as a result increase in added value and provision of budgetary tax

The main advantage of Halal Industrial Park "Baltach" is to optimize the
costs for small and medium-sized businesses on the maintenance of a common
infrastructure. Halal Industrial Park "Baltach" provides its residents with
an outsourcing services: distribution of finished products, consultations
on all matters, housekeeping services, engineering, logistics, transport
maintenance, accounting, legal services as well as 24 security services for
the producers - residents of the park, to concentrate on their businesses
growth. Thus, on the costs of the common scales of the project
entrepreneurs can increase the cost-effectiveness of their businesses to
the level not lower than the average business, and have high productivity
and product quality.
The creation of the HIP has been initiated by Islamic Business and Finance
Development foundation. The developer and the investor of the project is
LLC “IFC Linova", in collaboration with several foreign and Russian
business partners. The size of the initial investment in the project is 10
million rubles. In the next three years, the total investment volume will
reach 150 million rubbles. The payback period is calculated for 10-15
years. Funding of the projects will have an exclusively character and will
be used only for capital purposes - construction of industrial and office
premises, purchase of equipment etc.. Residents and investors will benefit
from the new economic model of the HIP by receiving an acceptable return on

Specifically for the purpose of effective assets and operations management
of HIP "Baltach" NHIDC management company was set up. All of the NHIDC
activities will be implemented according to the Islamic principles
(Murabaha, Ijara Valiktina, Istisna, Musharaka, Mudaraba), and all of the
investment and investors attraction activities, with involvement of the HIP
placement and the Republic of Tatarstan area residents and citizens
/population/ will be executed according to the principles of Islam
(Mudaraba, Wakala ) too.

The first resident of the Halal Industrial Park is LLC "Baltasinsky Meat
Products"- manufacturer of "halal" standard meat products under the
trademark of "Baltasinsky Meat House". At the first phase LLC "Baltasinsky
Meat Products" will produce up to 1500 kg of meat per shift. High quality
raw materials and new production equipments will be used for the

All products manufactured by the industrial park will be distributed
through Kazan Halal hub (?ne of the main partners of the projects is
Amanah Raya Berhad company, the largest state holding company of halal
industry in Malaysia), which will ensure the movement of the goods from
producer to consumer in accordance with Shariah. Thus, on the example
of Halal Industrial Park and its first resident - "Baltasinsky Meat House"
interaction the entire algorithm of interactions - from distribution
channels, sales of finished goods to logistics operations will be