SUKUK PIPELINE - Issue plans around the world

The Thomson Reuters Global Sukuk Index is at 118.31951 points, up from 117.69120 at the end of last month and 115.79726 at the end of last year. The Thomson Reuters Investment Grade Sukuk Index is at 117.20440 against 116.46023 at end-August and 113.69014 at end-2014. Some of the sukuk in the pipeline are: Turkish Islamic bank Kuveyt Turk has picked seven banks to arrange a potential U.S. dollar-denominated sukuk issue to bolster its supplementary or Tier 2 capital. The Pakistani government plans an international sukuk issue, likely to be worth $500 million, next year. Malaysia Building Society is finalising plans to offer up to 900 million ringgit ($214 million) in structured sukuk, probably later in the month.