Bank Islam sees slower growth in 2016

Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB) expects slower growth in 2016 compared to last year amid the current economic challenges, according to managing director Datuk Seri Zukri Samat. He said he hoped the bank will maintain double-digit growth in terms of financing performance as achieved last year. Asked on plans to open more Bank Islam branches this year, Zukri said the bank was still assessing the current economic situation. He said the bank was eyeing 600,000 payWave debit cards issued in 2016, up from 200,000 cards issued by end-December 2015. Zukri said the bank had invested millions of ringgit in the “E-donation” Terminal Using Visa PayWave programme, and aims to provide these terminals to 10 mosques nationwide, including in Sabah and Sarawak.