invites its users to betatest the Islamic Finance WIKI

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Dear User,

as salamu alaikum,

In these days I am testing the new function of The Islamic Finance WIKI.

For long time I felt a need to have a proper encyclopaedia on Islamic finance, which is up to date and easily accessible for all industry members.

Now I started, initially with a small glossary, which I want to add up. Also from the start other experts are invited to contribute: Just in the same way as the famous online Wikipedia was created. We do not need 1.000.000 entries, but just about 1000 good entries would help spreading knowledge and improving best practice. With far more than 5,000 visitors to each month pretty realistic, dont you think?

So, please visit:

and share some comments.

Editing rights for the time (till I have got a team of volunteers) on manual request to avoid spamming (yes, was already spammed with comments about non Sharia compliant activities...). Please indicate your background, it will not be stored on the website itself, just for me to avoid unpleasant vandalization of the site itself.

Academic institutions and indiviual experts are most welcome to cooperate and support adding more and more content!

I appreciate your efforts to collaborate and hope even if you are about to be a reader only, you will benefit.

Best regards,

Michael Saleh Gassner