Raja Dr Nazrin Shah

SC And OCIS Conclude Third Roundtable On Islamic Finance

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) determined the two-day third SC-OCIS Roundtable on Islamic Finance, a closed-door forum for Islamic finance experts, syariah advisers and scholars from around the world, begining at May 12 here.
Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Raja Muda of Perak and the Malaysia International Islamic Financial Centre financial ambassador, will officiat the roundtable. The focal point will be the "Solutions for Liquidity Management" in Islamic finance with the purpose of identifying pathways to strengthen the international sukuk market to address infrastructure constraints and problems relating to global connectivity and to develop overall market integration.

Use sovereign funds to invest in syariah-compliant products: Regent

MUSLIM countries should allocate a fraction of their sovereign funds to financial institutions which have the expertise to invest in syariah-compliant investment funds and instruments.
Perak Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah said one of the driving forces for Islamic finance to prosper is for large investment organisations such as sovereign wealth funds of Muslim countries to take a developmental view when determining their asset allocations.
Initiatives such as the commodity trading paltform Bursa Suq Al-Sila can be utilised to facilitate liquidity management of Islamic financial instituions.
Saudi Arabia's Al Rajhi Bank and Cagamas Bhd also collaborated to issue an innovative sukuk which aims to meet the syariah demands of investors in the Middle East as well as in Asia.

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