Warren Buffett

Will Bill Gates and Warren Buffett visit Turkey?

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett began an expedition in order to promote their commitment named ‘Giving Pledge’. This commitment is an engagement made by billionaires to give away at least half of their wealth.
The question is if the next stop for this programme is Turkey.
At this point this programme appears to be not so welcomed, as in China Buffett and Gates got a pretty indifferent response, in public at least, and none of India’s economic winners has yet signed on.

India’s rich should emulate Gates, Buffett

William Gates, Jr. and Warren Buffett landed in India to preach giving to India’s super-rich.
Their visit is part of their “Giving Pledge” campaign, which was launched last year to encourage the world’s wealthiest individuals to donate most of their money to charities. The two have, so far, secured commitments from about 60 wealthy Americans to give away most of their fortunes to charities.

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