Azeemeh Zaheer

Gatehouse Bank keeps momentum for "Generation F" with Kuwait Oil Company & Dar Al-Hekma

The event to support "Generation F" on Tuesday 16 April at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) saw a collection of 70 Kuwaiti female oil and gas professionals congregate to develop their financial skills necessary for smart wealth preservation. London-based Gatehouse Bank participated in the workshop. The company has a history of supporting Arab women through education. Encouraging female financial literacy and supporting the development of the financial skills necessary for long term wealth preservation is a core objective for the Bank. According to Vice President Ms Azeemeh Zaheer, Gatehouse Bank works with women on education programmes to demystify the financial markets, enabling women to make their own decisions about how to build and diversify their investment portfolios in the best possible way.

Saudi- Expert calls on women to invest frozen funds

Azeemeh Zaheer, vice president at the London-based Gatehouse Bank, has called on Saudi businesswomen to invest funds that are kept frozen in banks. According to the expert, with the accumulation of wealth, globalization and openness, women have begun to invest their funds and try to overcome all traditional barriers which limit their (financial) independence. She said women in GCC countries retain more than 300 billion and if 15 percent of that money, or 45 billion, invested in London, it would be a big success for shariah-compliant Gatehouse Bank.

Saudi- More women taking on key role in family businesses

Women are starting to play an increasingly influential role in the family businesses of the Gulf region that account for approximately 90 percent of commercial activity there. As women become more economically independent, the decision-making process has shifted to incorporate women's interests and motivations. However, it is essential that women are fully equipped with the right knowledge, tools and skills. Therefore, Gatehouse Bank has initiated a corporate social responsibility project to promote financial literacy among women in the GCC. The bank shares its skills and knowledge with women in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

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