Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota, Aeon to issue new sukuk in Malaysia

The Malaysian unit of Toyota Motor Corp said it plans to set up a 2.5bn-ringgit ($655mn) programme through its local financing arm Toyota Capital Malaysia in order to raise funds via both Islamic and conventional bonds. While Toyota has not revealed how much of the programme will be covered by Islamic bonds, it is expected that this part will be at least 1bn ringgit ($262mn) which is the size of Toyota Malaysia’s previous and first-ever sukuk programme, which was set up in 2008 and matured in June 2015. Proceeds will be used to strengthen the funding structure of Toyota Capital Malaysia to meet its mid-term expansion plans.

Toyota paves way for return to Malaysia's sukuk market

The Malaysia unit of Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. plans to setup a 2.5 billion ringgit ($667 million) programme to raise funds via both conventional and Islamic bonds. The proposed programme from Toyota Capital Malaysia Sdn Bhd was rated AAA by RAM Ratings, and follows a 1 billion ringgit sukuk programme setup in 2008 that matured earlier this month. The Malaysia unit has two other conventional debt programmes that can raise a combined 1.8 billion ringgit; It sold a debut sukuk in 2008. The move comes at a time when Japanese firms are renewing efforts in the sector, with Japan's financial regulator relaxing rules for domestic banks to use Islamic financial products.

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