Call for Manuscripts and Papers: Impact Philanthropy and Investing

Call for Manuscripts and Papers


Impact Philanthropy and Investing

Connecting Innovation with Ground Realities*

A volume in the Academy of Philanthropy

International Perspectives on Philanthropy Series

The first Journal from the Academy of Philanthropy will use the recently held Global Donors Forum 2012 as a platform for a focus on Impact Philanthropy and investing with a particular focus on impact and accountability in Muslim Philanthropy. This is an invitation to contribute manuscripts or papers for this first Journal. Full details on the areas of interest and how to submit material may be found below.

*Based on the nature of submissions the subtitle may be adjusted accordingly.
Call for Manuscripts and Papers
Volume I : Impact Philanthropy and Investing
A volume in the Academy of Philanthropy International Perspectives on Philanthropy Series
Editor: Dr. Yunus Sola, Director, Academy of Philanthropy, London and Chicago.

The First Journal of the Academy of Philanthropy focuses on Impact Philanthropy and Investing . We are in an era of increased accountability and as a consequence of the work of WCMP, there is an increasing desire to improve the impact of Muslim philanthropy. Governments, Foundations, Corporations, individuals and the public are debating the impact of philanthropy, achievement and accountability and each have their own local and international agendas and perspectives.

Leaders in Philanthropy do not have the luxury to wait for clear guidance for improving the impact of their philanthropy. Instead, successful leaders are striving to create learning philanthropic communities who self-regulate, self-improve by measuring both their impact and accountability.

We are seeking manuscripts that explore successful leadership in philanthropy to improve impact, accountability, and innovation and connect thoughts and ideas with reality.

Our goal is to create an edited publication journal/book that examines successful philanthropy and leadership of philanthropy and investing.

1. What does the current landscape of Philanthropy in the Muslim world look like? How does this compare with the rest of the world?
2. Is the ‘Giving Landscape’ shifting around the world from conventional charity to impact philanthropy? How does this compare with the ‘Giving landscape in the Muslim World’
3. How do leaders of philanthropy successfully manage the politics and local cultural contexts of accountability and impact measurement?
4. To what degree are innovation and creativity in Philanthropy and investment affected as accountability and the desire for greater impact increases?
5. Why does some philanthropy and investment thrive during times of increasing accountability and impact measures? What are the challenges for Muslim Philanthropy?
6. How do organizations achieve balance between grant making and social investment?
7. How have leaders in philanthropy and social investment used new practice increased the social impact of their philanthropy? How do they shape leadership capacity, and continuous self-improvement at local and international level? Is this happening in the Muslim World?

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted by August 1, 2012 to be considered for publication. The suggested length of manuscripts is 3,500 words and must not exceed 7000 words, excluding references. Please e-mail manuscripts to Dr. Yunus Sola [].

Important Dates

August 1, 2012 - Submit manuscript electronically for consideration
October 1, 2012 - Authors receive feedback from Editor(s)/reviewer(s) and decisions are made to determine which manuscripts are still under consideration
December 15, 2012 - Authors submit revised manuscripts to editor
Publication Dates to be announced

All enquiries must be directed to Dr. Yunus Sola (