MFI’s of 27 Countries unified for the development of Islamic Microfinance

The Global Islamic Microfinance Forum in the UAE united MFI’s of 27 Countries to elaborate on the development of Islamic Microfinance. The event was marked by unanimity on the decision to work together for the advancement of Islamic Microfinance globally. The Forum took place on 8th-10th December 2012, in Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. Among the delegates there were experts from countries such as UAE, Pakistan, India, UK, Bangladesh, USA, UK Bahrain, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kirghizstan, Mauritius, Kenya, Canada, France, Egypt, Philippine, Uganda, Iraq, Nigeria, and Sudan. Key topics included bringing together the Islamic Microfinance Institutions on a single platform as well as the role of Islamic Microfinance in poverty alleviation. Furthermore, Shariah and related issues of Islamic Microfinance Institutions and their solutions were discussed.