Geneva Workshop: The interface between private and institutional donors - How to leverage impact

This Seminar on Wednesday, 18 June, is within a series of International seminars, workshops and dialogues the Academy of Philanthropy is organising around the world. This particular Seminar is held in Geneva for the benefit of private philanthropists, financiers, UN system, NGOs, as well as regular visitors to the region from the Muslim world.

The Seminar is intended as an attempt to bridge the gap between venture and institutional philanthropists on one hand and recipient countries and NGOs on the other, with the aim to discuss and learn how to leverage impact and sustainable development. The Seminar is forward-looking in light of global events, such as the post-2015 development agenda and the shifting landscape of development and philanthropy.

Session outcomes

1. Raise awareness on the roles of stakeholders in philanthropy and sustainable development at global, regional and country levels, namely: private sector, institutional donors/development agencies, venture philanthropy, and civil society.

2. Discovering ways to leverage impact of philanthropy and development work through effective communication, coordination and innovative partnerships between philanthropists, donors and grant makers.

3. Showcasing and finding means to scale up successful stories of private venture philanthropists at country level in coordination with institutional donors.

4. In light of the post-2015 development agenda and the shifting landscape of development and philanthropy, planning a strategic way forward for better partnerships among stakeholders and a more efficient way of doing business in philanthropy and development to effectively leverage impact.


A Target of 30 to 50 participants from the following sectors:

- Philanthropists, Individual Donors, Social Investors, Grant Making Foundations, Social Investment and Endowment Fund Managers, Bank and Finance Sector, Governments, Corporations, NGOs