Call for Papers: Global Donors Forum, Istanbul May 2016, 24-25

Resetting Priorities - Redefining Roles

Five years ago, the Global Donors Forum was convened in Dubai to take on a challenging task: to define the roadmap for Muslim giving into the next decade. As a growing network of philanthropists, grantmaking foundations and socially responsible corporations, the Forum lead a consultative dialogue among the thought leaders from which, it was hoped, a new social compact could emerge.

Half a decade on, with the world having changed dramatically as events in the Middle East would attest, the Global Donors Forum 2016, has a new set of issues to focus upon. Foremost among these is the need to rigorously analyse the past decade in order to ascertain how best to formulate strategies to counter emerging challenges. The GDF 2016 will, therefore, attempt to set new priorities as it looks to redefine the role of philanthropy, with a focus on the Muslim world in a radically changed global landscape.

Massive upheavals across the world have contributed to the rise of extremism, with conflicts on the rise, the youth being affected adversely, unemployment on an upward arc, health indicators becoming an increasing source of concern and education suffering a downward spiral and political conflicts being dressed in religious ideologies. Faced with these unique yet inter-linked challenges, the GDF 2016 will seek to establish a solid path forward. Muslim giving, and philanthropy in general, will have to devise new and innovative ways to create a better world for all.

***Key Topics


Resetting Priorities for Muslim Philanthropy
Building Resilience Against Radicalization


Good Governance in Practice
Tools for Effective Social Investment
Cutting-edge Approaches to Program Quality Assurance


Promotion of Next Generation Scholarship
Enhancing Public Relations Capacities for Creating Good News

*Social Finance Ecosystem

Leveraging Islamic Finance to Promote SMEs & MFIs
WAQF Institutions as Key Driver for Economic & Social Development
Islamic Impact Investing for SDGs: New Modalities for Partnership
Humanitarian Funding Deficit: Interventions of Faith-based Giving

*Human Rights

From Genocide to Migration Crisis: The Ineffective Enforcement of International Law


Showcasing of Innovative and Impactful Giving Models

*Books & Reports Launch

*** Submission Deadline - March 25, 2016


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