Islamic Wealth Management Report published by Bank Sarasin

Press Release

The report provides investors with an in-depth overview of the various asset classes in Islamic wealth management along with a synopsis of the market scenario during the past 18 months. The report also explores the concept of estate and succession planning, which Sarasin believes is insufficiently addressed in the Islamic finance industry and is a key element of Sarasin’s Islamic wealth management offering. Finally, the report provides an insight into the bank’s economic outlook for 2010.

The key issues and challenges addressed in the report are:

  • how Sharia screening reduced the downside in volatile markets and how it affects the finance industry and investors,
  • the behaviour of direct real estate investments in comparison with real estate funds and Sharia-compliant real estate investment trusts,
  • the income-related role of Sukuk within Islamic balanced portfolios and the probability of defaults,
  • a comparison between various Islamic investment funds ranging from income-oriented to commodity, real estate and equity funds,
  • the size and future of the Islamic private equity and venture capital industry,
  • the credibility and offering of Islamic hedge funds,
  • the significance of estate and wealth planning in Islam and the scope of true Islamic estate and succession planning and philanthropy as well as
  • Sarasin’s economic outlook for the year 2010.

With this report, Sarasin underlines its long-term commitment to Islamic finance and aims to track the trends and developments in the field of Islamic wealth management from the perspective of responsibility and wealth preservation.

The Islamic Wealth Management Report 2010 is available for download on related news.

In November 2009, the Sarasin Group announced the launch of a comprehensive new Islamic wealth management offering that comprises the full spectrum of Sharia-compliant private banking products and services: estate and succession planning, financing and asset management with money market and structured products such as Wakala, Murabaha and Maraya. With this launch, Sarasin provides an even broader customised offering to its clients globally and further strengthens its position in the Middle East

“In our efforts to foster and develop the industry, Bank Sarasin is publishing its first Islamic wealth report which not only includes market overview but as well a topic which addresses the needs of investors wishing to invest in Sharia-compliant solutions. Islamic wealth management is not only about sustainability and ethical investment - it is as well about ensuring wealth preservation over generations.”