Call for Manuscripts and Papers: Impact Philanthropy and Investing

Call for Manuscripts and Papers


Impact Philanthropy and Investing

Connecting Innovation with Ground Realities*

A volume in the Academy of Philanthropy

International Perspectives on Philanthropy Series

The first Journal from the Academy of Philanthropy will use the recently held Global Donors Forum 2012 as a platform for a focus on Impact Philanthropy and investing with a particular focus on impact and accountability in Muslim Philanthropy. This is an invitation to contribute manuscripts or papers for this first Journal. Full details on the areas of interest and how to submit material may be found below.

*Based on the nature of submissions the subtitle may be adjusted accordingly.
Call for Manuscripts and Papers
Volume I : Impact Philanthropy and Investing
A volume in the Academy of Philanthropy International Perspectives on Philanthropy Series
Editor: Dr. Yunus Sola, Director, Academy of Philanthropy, London and Chicago. ysola@thewcmp.org

Muslim Philanthropy Awards [2011] Announced at World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Banquet

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 23, 2011 – The Muslim Philanthropy Award winners were announced at the 4th annual banquet of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists in Dubai, UAE.

Every year, the Muslim Philanthropy Award honors an individual, a grantmaking institution and a corporation for their distinguished contribution to the field of philanthropy.

The Muslim Philanthropy Awards for 2011 were awarded to H.R.H. Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (Personality) for demonstrating outstanding civic and charitable responsibility; Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia (Grantmaker) for showing long-standing commitment to economic empowerment, human dignity, and institutional building; and Abraaj Capital, UAE (Corporation) for demonstrating longstanding leadership in advancing strategic philanthropy, creativity in responding to societal problems, and having significant positive impact on corporate giving in MENA region.

Islamic Finance Session at the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists

Alberto Brugnoni, ASSAIF, will moderate the Session on 'Finance and philanthropy' at the “4th World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists - Defining the Roadmap for the Next Decade” that will convene at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai on March 23-24, 2011

Muslim Philanthropy is at a crossroad, challenged to build new models of giving while simultaneously refining old methods embedded in vibrant Islamic tradition. The foremost challenge in the field is to promote strategic and accountable philanthropy that complements and enhances the generations-old conventional charity, which is often personal and spontaneous

The Session will examine within a common framework the failure of zakat to achieve most of its socio-economic objectives, the stagnation of waqf institutions in performing their designated social functions and the growing divergence between the aspirations of Islamic economics and the realities of the Islamic finance industry. It will also offer actionable programme plans for zakat and innovative ways of using the institution of waqf to establish social enterprises, as possible common solutions

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