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SEDCO Holding Group agrees on an acquisition plan for 50% stake in a growing Turkish private school firm

SEDCO Holding Group, a Shariah-compliant private wealth management organization, has acquired a 50% stake in Mektebim Okullari, a company operating in the private education sector in Turkey. Anees Moumina, CEO of SEDCO Holding Group, and Ümit Kalko, Mektebim's founder and Chairman, signed the accord. Under a partnership agreement with the Turkish company which currently operates 17 schools from pre-school to high school levels, SEDCO Holding Group will own 50% of the company's shares and play an active part in the company's growth strategy in the region. The schools currently have over 4,000 students and Mektebim Okullari will add 8 more schools this year to its portfolio and has many other projects under consideration.

SEDCO Holding Group showcases its CSR visionary roadmap ‘Towards Sustainability’ at Dar Al-Hekma University

SEDCO Holding Group presented its ‘Towards Sustainability’ CSR umbrella during the annual business and law faculty week held at Dar Al-Hekma University. The presentation underlined the Group’s major achievements since its launch in 1976 in the fields of commerce and investment, and focused on its sustainability and CSR platform. SEDCO Holding Group CSR platform stands on 3 main pillars – “Our Environment, Our People, Our Community”. The presentation demonstrated a set of initiatives under each pillar, developed by SEDCO Holding Group.

SEDCO appoints new CEO

SEDCO Holding Group has announced the appointment of Anees Ahmed Moumina as Chief Executive Officer succeeding Dr. Adnan Abdulfattah Soufi whose three-year term expired at the end of 2012. Moumina has had a banking career that has brought him into contact with a variety of business sectors including contracting, trading, manufacturing, investments, real estate, transportation, leasing, government and public sector activities, remedial management and Islamic banking.

SEDCO launches Riyali financial literacy program

Saudi management company SEDCO Holding has started its corporate social responsibility program - Riyali. The program adresses the educational needs of the Saudi population in terms of financial literacy and aims to give people the financial skills to achieve a desirable standard of living. In the first phase of this program students will be the subjects.

SEDCO announces expansion plans

SEDCO Holding plans to expand its investments in the Kingdom market. Dr. Adnan Soufi, CEO of SEDCO Holding, stated that SEDCO is looking for investments of above USD 20 million that give control or significant minority rights with the ability to influence the decision-making process through board participation.
He added that SEDCO's immediate focus for acquisitions would be in the Kingdom, preferably in defense and healthcare sectors.

SEDCO Holding Launches Wealth Management Firm

SEDCO Capital was officially launched in Jeddah as a new wealth management company that centeres on high net worth individuals, institutional investors, and family offices.
SEDCO Holding will be heavily involved in the investment opportunities that SEDCO Capital will be bringing to the market.

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