National Bank for Development (NBD)

National Bank for Development signs up to Standard Chartered's Islamic Euro Nostro Product

In cooperation with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Group, Egyptian National Bank for Development (NBD) signed up to Standard Chartered Bank's Islamic Euro Nostro Account. Using this Nostro product, NBD will be able to earn Shariah-compliant profits on its account balances at Standard Chartered Bank Germany Branch in Frankfurt. The agreement was made at SIBOS 2012 in Osaka, Japan. The main feature of the Standard Chartered Saadiq EUR Nostro Account is that it utilises a Shariah-compliant account sweep facility. Available EUR balance in NBD's Saadiq clearing account will be used for investment using the Islamic finance mode of Murabaha at the end of each business day.

NBD Islamic finance portfolio grows 24 per cent in 2011

The National Bank for Development (NBD) together with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) revealed its 2011 financial results, which showed positive indicators despite the circumstances the Egyptian economy faced during the past year.
Nevine Loutfy, Managing Director and CEO of NBD, stated that NBD's achievements during 2011 confirmed the strong and superior performance of the bank's employees, which was shown in the significant growth in both assets and liabilities, in addition to increasing the bank's market share and reducing the provisions gap.

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