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Egypt's Ridge Capital plans Islamic fund of fund in 2013

Cairo-based Ridge Islamic Capital plans to launch the first dedicated Islamic fund of funds in the Middle East by the end of this year, with an initial capital base of $150 million. The Bahrain-domiciled fund will invest across a pool of sharia-compliant funds around the world. Ridge Islamic will contribute $15 million to the fund's capital. The Ridge Islamic fund will be U.S. dollar-denominated and use controls designed to limit risk, including exposure caps by country, sector and asset class. The rules will allow up to 20 percent of the fund's net asset value to be allocated directly into sharia-compliant financial instruments; up to 40 percent of net asset value could go into cash and Islamic money market instruments. The fund has a three-member sharia board with scholars from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

In economic flux, Islamic banking and finance are gaining ground

The past year and a half were marked by economic stagnation which has affected numerous businesses. However, some Egyptian Islamic investment banks have a vision on how to act in the new emerging order. For example, Ridge Islamic Capital, has found a niche in the finance sector and intends to capitalize on it. The portfolio of the investment bank includes Sharia-compliant investment banking, asset management and wealth management services. Their target market is, according to experts, primarily for Islamic finance.

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Islamic investment bank in Egypt wants to buy brokerage

Since Ridge Islamic Capital wants to be able to offer a full range of sharia-compliant financial services in Egypt, it is looking for a local brokerage to buy. Such an initiative would be a part of its expansion plan. The company's intentions are to start providing sharia-compliant brokerage services during the last three months of 2012. The brokerage they are looking for should have a solid reputation and a track record. Potential candidates and deal size have not been made known so far.

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Egypt-based Islamic finance firm eyes $100m investment

Ridge Islamic Capital announced it had $100 million which will be used to raise the company's capital and invest in funds over the next two years. Thus, it aims to tap a growing market for Islamic finance. The launch of Ridge Islamic Capital took place after Ridge Solutions International Holdings acquired El Rashad.

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Ridge Islamic Capital announces official launch of its activities in Egypt

At a recent press conference, Ridge Islamic Capital announced its official inauguration and launch of its activities in the Egyptian market. The company plays the role of a moderate solution between modern investment banking and traditional Sharia compliant commercial banking. The launch will be a milestone in providing Sharia compliant solutions in the region and is expected to raise the company's revenues and its investors and shareholders' value.

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Egypt-based Islamic finance firm eyes $100 mln investment

Egyptian company Ridge Islamic Capital has announced to have $100 million which it plans to use for raising its capital and investing in funds over the following two years. Thus, it shall take advantage of the growing Islamic financial market. After Dubai-based Ridge Solutions International Holdings, the company for regional investment which provided the money for Ridge Islamic Capital, acquired Egyptian investment banking and asset management firm El Rashad, Ridge Islamic Capital was launched on Wednesday. Even though El Rashad uses conventional financial operations, Ridge will convert its assets in sharia compliant ones over a period of about two years. Future investments are all to be subject to Islamic principles.

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