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LUFC takeover: Who are GFH Capital? and Gulf Finance House?

GFH Capital is a private equity firm based in Dubai, UAE. According to its website, the company has been highly successful investments and fund management over the past ten years. It also points out that it has handled investments worth more than eight billion US dollars in 25 different countries. Its funds to some extent come from the Dubai Islamic Bank, the World Bank and the Islamic Development Bank. The Gulf Finance House is an investment bank Bahrain. It completely owns GFH Capital Limited. Just as GFH Capital, the Gulf Finance House has made numerous successful investments worth billions of American dollars. GFH Capital has made its bid for Leeds United on its own and will handle the deal independently of Gulf Finance House.

Leeds United takeover: GFH planning full buy-out of Whites

GFH Capital Limited plans to fully buy-out the futball club Leeds United. GFH Capital offers a 100 per cent cash purchase, which means there would be no debt for the club to be paid if the takeover succeeds. Negotiations are protracted as they are about to enter their fifth month but there is more than likely that the deal between GFH Capital and Leeds City Holdings Ltd will be made soon.

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