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Sharia #studentloans that do not conflict with the rules of Islam to be offered for the first time in drive to get more Muslims to university

Sharia student loans will be set up for the first time in Britain as part of a drive to boost the number of young Muslims applying to university. The government vowed to tackle the issue by creating a Takaful model, which is Sharia-compliant. Although no interest would be charged, the government said that repayments would be structured so that the total paid back would be the same as that paid by a student with a regular loan.

2nd International Conference on Islamic Finance

Nigerian financial operators have identified Sukuk Islamic bond as a major tool that can be used in closing the country's gap on infrastructural deficit. Raising from the two days 2nd international conference on Islamic Finance which opened on the 30th Nov and closed 1st of Dec 2015 in Abuja, financial experts from the country's public and private sector having exhaustively deliberated with their international global counter parts, resolved to urgently turn up the volume on enlightenment campaigns so as to create the required awareness to investors and operators on the potentials of Sukuk. The conference also recognized and appreciated individuals whom have contributed immensely in Islamic banking in Nigeria and globally.

Former Gatehouse Bank COO sues his ex-employer for discrimination and whistleblower status

James Bagshawe, 53, was the Chief Operating Officer of the Gatehouse Bank. He claims that he lost his £185,000-a-year job with the bank because he wasn’t a Muslim. Mr Bagshawe who has 25 years of experience in banking working for JP Morgan and Flemings, is claiming to be whistleblower in regard to an investment and so can be awarded unlimited damages if he wins the case.

Last night a spokesman for the bank said: ‘Mr Bagshawe was made redundant by the CEO a Christian. His appeal was heard by a non-executive director, another Christian. His redundancy was supported by the Board comprised equally of Christians and Muslims. Gatehouse Bank deny the allegations and say Mr Bagshawe’s position remains redundant a year after he left the company and there are no proposals to appoint a successor.

The tribunal continues and is expected to last 12 days.

Leeds takeover imminent after Bates receives proof of funds from Bahrain Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/a

After GFH Capital have shown enough proof of funds to complete the takeover of Leeds United, the acquisition is ready to be fulfilled. Thus, the long months of discussion starting May this year are over. According to current Leeds owner Ken Bates, both parties are ready to close the deal in the very near future. He also pointed out the negative effect of inaccurate reporting by some journalists due to lack of knowledge, which, however were not able to disturb the acquisition procedures as much.

Read more on: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2223470/Leeds-takeover...

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