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Somaliland: The Islamic Microfinance, Key for Social Development

Islamic Microfinance (IMF) is a novel method for human-oriented economic development and a capacity-building tool, which easily fits into the Islamic banking and finance (IBF) paradigm through social responsibility. A financial system should be able to provide financing to different segments of a given society such that, in addition to financial and economic objectives, social objectives may be served. It is imperative for IBF to fulfill such objectives alongside their business interests. Due to the complementarity between IBF and microfinance, there is a need to see further and proactive involvement of IBF and nonbanking Islamic institutions to provide IMF.

Somaliland: President Silanyo Receives Delegation from Islamic Development Bank

Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo has received a delegation from Islamic Development Bank (IDB) as the president congratulated the delegation for the ongoing development projects run by the Organization in the country. The delegation from the IDB has been in the country for the last 4 days. The Islamic Development Bank is currently implementing several ongoing development assignments including projects relating enhancing Hargeisa main hospital's infrastructures, as well as, Hargeisa and Gabiley Orphanage centers. The delegation and the President of Somaliland have agreed to continue expanding their co-existance and make their cooperation more effective than ever before.

Two Islamic banks seeking expansion in Somalia

Saba Islamic Bank of Yemen and Dahabshil Bank of Djibouti are making plans to engage in operations in Somalia in the coming year. Basel Haj-Issa, the new CEO of Saba Islamic Bank, said at the Islamic Banking Summit Africa in Djibouti that the reason for the bank's expansion into Somalia is the client demand. Since trade between Djibouti and Somalia is quite intensive, many clients of the bank need Islamic banking services in the country.

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