Arabia CSR Network

Arabia CSR Network continues to lead way in sustainability reporting

The Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) trains organisations from all sectors, public and private, to use the GRI framework, a set of guidelines on sustainability reporting. The training course, which took place on April 28-30, taught participants how to create sustainability reports using the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) recently launched G4 framework. The framework enables them to compile well-balanced, accurate and reliable reports that help them better assess the impact of their operations on the environment, said Habiba Al Marashi, Founder, President and CEO, Arabia CSR Network.

The Arabia CSR Network brings you the highly anticipated GRI

The Arabia CSR Network brings the GRI G4 training in the Arabic Language for the first time to the Arab world. The training will be held on the 17th -18th December in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The move is a significant step for Sustainability reporting in the region and will support the regional and national strategies that call for organisations to report on their sustainability performance. The training course will be attended by multi-sectoral participants who will benefit from cross fertilization of ideas and experience. G4, GRI's latest sustainability reporting framework was released last year.

Arabia CSR Network honors Huawei

The Arabia CSR Network has honored Huawei—a leading global ICT solutions provider—for its strong contribution and support of the organization’s annual Arabia CSR Forum & Awards Ceremony 2014 held in Dubai for the 7th consecutive year. During this year’s forum, Huawei connected with government and business leaders to discuss regional priorities such as stimulating public-private partnerships in the CSR field, embedding CSR into organizational practices, and creating regulatory frameworks that support sustainable growth of businesses in the Middle East. The company’s current Sustainability strategy focuses on pillars such as bridging the digital divide, ensuring stable & secure network operations, promoting environmental sustainability, and seeking win-win development with its industry partners.

Arabia CSR Network addresses thousands at World Forum on Responsible Business in Lille, France

Arabia CSR Network took part on the prestigious World Responsible Economy Forum thus representing the Arab region. The key issues of Forums where about 5000 business leaders, sustainability professionals and students came together were: sustainable marketing, corporate models and governance. The Network presented their key perspectives during the panel session and also speaking in plenum on the third day of the conference.

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