Al Rajhi Takaful

#Saudi #insurers soar after decision to allow women to drive

Investors in Saudi Arabia are betting insurance stocks will be key beneficiaries from allowing women to drive. An index composed of 33 insurance stocks rose the most in three months. The Company for Cooperative Insurance, or Tawuniya, increased the most in seven months, other beneficiaries include Al Rajhi Takaful and Walla. The announcement to allow women to drive is one of the most dramatic moves in the government’s bid to open up society. Accroding to Jaap Meijer, head of research at Arqaam Capital, the number of cars in Saudi Arabia is likely to increase at least 20% in the next ten years as a result of the decision. He added that the increase is expected to be gradual. Net loss ratios on female drivers is likely to be lower than for men, as empirical evidence suggests that women are in fact safer drivers than men.

Al Rajhi Takaful net profit plummets 71.2 per cent

Al Rajhi Takaful posted a net profit of SAR 1,477 thousand for the last quarter of 2012. Compared to that, the net profit for the corresponding period in 2011 was SAR 5,125 thousand, which marks a decrease of 71.2%. The net profit before Zakat is SAR 2,118 thousand for Q4 2012, contrasting with profit before Zakat of SAR 5,125 thousand for the same period in 2011, thus reaching a decrease of 58.7%. There is a 55.2% difference in net profit after Zakat betwen Q3 and Q4 in favour of the former. In Q4 it was SAR 3,294 thousand.

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