How Does Unethical Conduct Get Normalised in Banking?

The call to set up a Royal Commission on Banking has set in motion the debate on ethics in banking and finance, and the possible remedies to overcome the problem of unethical conduct. It is accepted that the problem is systemic, and yet the remedy suggested is at the individual level - for example the Banking + Finance Oath. The latest Panama Papers scandal dwarfs the past scandals yet again. As long as the money banks can make out of the deals is in excess of the fine they pay, such scandals will continue.

Najib Razak 1MDB scandal: Malaysian Prime Minister's accounts triggered internal money-laundering alarm

So much money was pouring so rapidly into the Malaysian Prime Minister's personal bank accounts that it rang internal money-laundering alarms inside AmBank. Hundreds of millions of dollars were being wired into Najib Razak's accounts from the Saudi Arabian Government, a mysterious Saudi prince and two shadowy British Virgin Island companies, while the head of a Malaysian state-owned company topped up the Prime Minister's credit card accounts with millions of Malaysian ringgit in cash. Inside the bank, the Malaysian Prime Minister's account was held under the codename "Mr X". The startling new banking records have been obtained as part of a Four Corners program that aired last night, and which resulted in the arrest of two members of its team.

Islamic Development Bank Group prepares an investment conference for Nigeria

Dr. Mohammed Namadi Sambo, Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has received Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali, President of the IDB Group in Makkah Guest Palace. The discussion covered arrangements made for the implementation of number of projects approved by the Bank for Nigeria and the on-going efforts that aim at establishing a representation office in Nigeria. Discussion also touched on issues related to the IDB’s role in supporting the Transformation Agenda Progamme in Nigeria. The Programme pursues growth in a number of sectors that include projects such as electricity transmission lines, regional and national road network, partnership between private and public sector in energy and supporting exports. The IDB President has offered to organize an investment conference in Nigeria early in 2014 similar to a conference organized by the IDB last year in Abuja. The Vice president of Nigeria welcomed this initiative.

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