Stuart Anderson

GCC Islamic finance prospects bright

The GCC Islamic Finance industry is expected to maintain its rapid growth over the coming years despite mixed results across sectors in 2014.
The industry’s expansion is expected to be driven by the GCC’s robust economic prospects, continued infrastructure needs and rising issuance from governments and government-related entities.

Islamic Finance Forging Ahead Despite Contrasting Fortunes

Global Islamic Finance is expected to maintain its rapid pace of growth, strengthening its credibility as a real alternative to conventional finance. However, structural problems continue to limit its potential while its growth has made the industry more sensitive to global economic fluctuations. The contrasting fortunes shaping Islamic Finance will be the subject of a conference to be hosted by S&P in Dubai on 2 October, 2013. Prospects for the Sukuk sector will be one of the key focuses of the Conference. Another major theme is the widening sovereign adoption of Islamic Finance instruments. S&P analysts from across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America and a panel of senior Islamic Finance industry participants will speak at the S&P Islamic Finance Conference.

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