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Islamic lender Amlak says eyeing partnership with Dubai's Emaar

Dubai-based Islamic mortgage lender Amlak Finance has said it is in talks with Emaar Properties to launch a partnership to develop land in “distinctive locations”. Amlak's shares soared 15 percent, the maximum allowed in a day on the Dubai Financial Market, after the company announced the plans. Amlak chief commercial officer Adnan Al Awadhi told Al Khaleej newspaper that it is also in talks with the emirate’s Land Department to revive stalled projects. Last month, Amlak recorded a 77 percent plunge in first-quarter profit because of amortisation charges. Amlak reported that net profit fell to AED3.7 million ($1.01 million) from AED16 million in the same period last year.

Sharia-compliant Amlak Finance plans to re-list shares on DFM this month

Amlak Finance plans to re-list its shares on the Dubai Financial Market this month after an absence of more than six years. The Sharia-compliant home finance company, in which Dubai’s Emaar Properties has a 45 per cent stake, had won shareholder approval last month to resume trading. Amlak completed a restructuring of US$2.7 billion worth of debt last August, paving the way for the firm’s shares, suspended since November 2008, to resume trading. Amlak yesterday reported a 62.5 per cent drop in first-quarter net profit to Dh6 million from Dh16m a year earlier. Revenue fell 15 per cent in the first quarter to Dh105m because of its decreasing real estate portfolio, the firm said.

Amlak proposes new deal on $2.7bn debt restructuring

Dubai-based Islamic mortgage provider Amlak Finance has proposed a new deal to restructure about $2.7bn in debt. The company, part-owned by Emaar Properties, said it met lenders last month to present the deal. If the deal is agreed, Amlak will make an initial 20% down payment to depositors worth about Dhs2bon ($545m). The remaining debt to “commercial depositors” will be paid over 12 years, with about Dhs1.4bn turned into a convertible instrument.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank inks $2b debt overhaul agreement

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) agreed a $2 billion debt overhaul with mortgage company Amlak Finance. ADIB, part of a six-member creditor committee negotiating Amlak's restructuring, signed a tentative agreement that's being considered by the decision-makers on the Amlak side, CEO Tirad Mahmoud said. The prospective accord includes a temporary waiver on a certain part of the principal that you recapture later if Amlak achieves certain targets, he said. Amlak sought an extension on $2 billion of loans after property prices in Dubai slumped during the credit crisis that began in 2008.


Progress in 'complicated' Amlak restructuring

According to the Economy Minister Sultan Al Mansouri, restructuring of Amlak Finance is considered a particularly complicated problem. However, solution is near. Amlak is currently discussing proposals to restructure bank debt of about US$2 billion (Dh7.34bn). Since the Dubai property crash in 2008, the company has been facing uncertainty in terms of finance due to the suspension of its shares. The authorities treat the situation with renewed urgency. The government of the UAE has summoned a special committee to resolve Amlak's problems.

Dubai shifts Amlak's DIFC cases to special committee

Due to orders by Dubai's ruler, all legal action in the Dubai International Financial Centre courts involving Amlak Finance were transfered to a special judicial committee outside Dubai's normal legal system. According to a decree, which was issued on December 16th by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, all Dubai courts including those in the DIFC are not allowed consideration and settlement of any application or claim related to Amlak Finance. A decree from 2009 established a special judicial committee which serves to hear claims against Amlak and Tamweel. That decree relocated all cases in the Dubai courts to the committee, did not however discuss cases in the DIFC courts, which have a separate set of procedures based on English common law.

Dubai's Amlak confirms $1.9bn debt restructure talks

Property lending company Amlak Finance is in discussion with creditors about restructuring about AED7bn (US$1.9bn) of debt. This is the latest try to resurrect a victim of Dubai's property crash. THe creditor committee consists of six members including two government-owned funds, Dubai's largest lender and its biggest Islamic bank. Since November 2008, Amlak has not been able to trade due to suspension of its shares along with Tamweel. At that time, the credit markets had dried up the prices of real estates in Dubai began a slump leading them to a decrease of over 50%.

Amlak said to restructure US$2 billion bank debt

Amlak Finance PJSC is discussing with creditors the restructuring of about US$2 billion of bank and government debt. The negotiations are being held between the company and a committee of five banks representing creditors. Amlak is being advised by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP on the matter. Since the suspension of shares of Amlak and Tamweel PJSC in November 2008 following the blockage of the companies' access to borrowings by the global credit crisis, Amlak has experienced serious losses. In 2011 the company registered a third-quarter loss of 40 million dirhams (US$11 million).

Amlak debt slashed by Dh4 billion

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, has disclosed that the government cut off Dubai-based mortgage provider Amlak Finance’s debt by Dh4 billion.
The debt was reduced through delaying debt as well as through the sale of company's land and the restoration and recovery of other land owned by the company, as well as coming up with financial solutions with a number of third-party creditors.

Emaar gets Dh214m from Amlak

Emaar Properties received Dh214.43 million from its subsidiary, Islamic mortgage provider Amlak Finance in 2010, and believes that the remainder Dh712m that its arm owes it is "fully recoverable". This was a statement given in Dubai bourse.

Amlak Finance will halve its s take in a property investment

Amlak Finance will halve its investment in Sky Gardens, a tower located near the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Amlak had purchased properties in various parts of Dubai to sell them to potential purchasers. As buyers have become fewer, the company decided to scale back its investment.

Amlak meeting to consider job cuts

Amlak Finance, the mortgage financer will consider job cuts at its board meeting on 31 January the company announced in a statement along to discuss the merger proceedings with Tamweel and earnings. Amlak and Tamweel will be both taken over by Abu-Dhbai based Real Estate Bank, merge with the Emirates Industrial Bank under the new name Emirates Development Bank according to reporting by the state news agency WAM in November.

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