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Yemen’s Rich Club: Social responsibility

While 40% of its population has been classified as at food risk by World Food Bank for two consecutive years (2012-2013), Yemen is also home to many billionaires’ businessmen, a reality which had many activists ponder over the principles of social responsibility and social ethic. Hayel Saeed Anam multi-national corporation, for example, is by far one of Yemen’s most visible local benefactors with a series of working social, educational and sports programs. Moreover, Hamid al-Ahmar, a billionaire entrepreneur with significant political influence, runs charitable programs, mainly directed to orphans and the most vulnerable (distribution of food, medicine and other necessities). While it would be wrong to deny that Yemen’ super-rich have indeed given back to the lesser fortunate, one could hope that its billionaires would somehow step in where the central government has failed.

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