Linar Yakupov is on the list of the most influential figures in Islamic finance

Linar Yakupov is marked out in ISLAMICA 500, the unique project of ISFIN, the largest consulting organization for the Islamic financial markets.
In ISLAMICA 500, data on leading experts in area of Islamic economy and the "halal" industry from around the world are published. The peculiar guide contains curriculum vitae about each of experts, whose efforts and achievements formed the basis of development of the Islamic economy on a global scale. The encyclopedia contains information on pioneers of the Islamic finance world, Muslims and non-Muslims, men and women who represents a range economy sectors: finance, science, business, politics, the international relations, the law, mass media and the capital markets – all the areas that exert influence on Islamic economy.

ISFIN signs MoU with ICIEC - Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit

ISFIN has agreed on a MoU partnership with the Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC). This Agreement established between ISFIN and the organisation of Islamic countries (OIC), through the ICIEC and the Islamic Development Bank, provides Islamic Insurance and credit risk operating under Shariah principles. The driving ambition behind the Agreement is to strengthen the economic relations between member countries of the OIC. ISFIN professional firms present in some 65 countries will be able to assist ICIEC on legal and accounting issues. ISFIN wants to encourage exports from ICIEC Member Countries to the ISFIN partners countries and to encourage the flow of capital and investments from ISFIN partners countries to the markets where ICIEC is active.

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