Camille Paldi

France and Islamic Finance

CEO of the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance (FAAIF) Camille Paldi explains that there is a huge potential for Islamic finance in France. This is due to the fact that France is the fourth-ranked financial market worldwide and number one in the Eurozone and desires to attract liquidity from cash rich Gulf investors and Asia. This factor coupled with a large Muslim population and an open-minded and financially savvy general populace equates to a large success factor for Islamic finance in France. French officials forecast that France may attract US$120 Billion in Islamic assets through lending and investments in French businesses, property, and financial markets by 2020.

New Islamic Finance Tax Rules for South Korea

CEO of the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance (FAAIF), Camille Paldi, explained that, while South Korea moved forward to entering the global Islamic finance market but its tax code still has to be amended to facilitate sukuk issuance. South Korea is one of the major exporters to Islamic nations and wants to become the hub of Islamic finance in East Asia.

FAAIF Brings Islamic Finance to the United States

FAAIF CEO Camille Paldi says the potential for Islamic finance, sukuk, and takaful is huge in the United States. Paldi conducts two Islamic Finance, Banking, and Sukuk workshops in New Orleans and New York, USA in association with Al Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics and University of New Orleans. Paldi says that the USA participants were enthusiastic about learning Islamic finance concepts despite negative imagery in the media. Paldi explains that in general, educated Americans are excited to learn about new alternative financial structures and investment opportunities.

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