SN Arif

Faysal Bank to lauchen Sharia-compliant operation

The board of directors of Faysal Bank has decided to covert make the bank’s operations Sharia compliant from conventional, but the snail’s pace migration is raising questions about its success in a highly competitive regime and in times when Islamic banking is expanding at a fast pace.

The bank is operating its 277 branches with 63 dedicated Islamic Banking branches having vision to migrate overall operation into full-fledged Islamic banking in next three to four years but its strategy is not being reflected into its plan but seems confusing with its offering to customers and investment in government papers. In a talk show “Aap Aur Karobaar” on Business Plus Tv, Host Khalil Ahmed and Banking Analyst SN Arif discussed business, operations and strategy of bank and its success in its peer in the banking industry.

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