Dr. Mark Mobius

Shariah #investments bullish

Shariah investing is forecast to grow very rapidly, following the long-term trends of emerging markets. Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, Dr. Mark Mobius found that emerging markets outperformed US and world markets in 17 out of the last 28 one-year periods. Islamic stocks in Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey are doing particularly well. Dr. Mobius said 40% of world GDP is in emerging markets, currently Muslim majority countries have a GDP growth of 8%, up from 4% in 1987.

CIBAFI launched Global Forum "Rethinking Values for #Sustainable #Growth"

The General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions launched its Global Forum 'Rethinking Values for Sustainable Growth' in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. The Forum was attended by delegates from more than 28 countries. Special keynote guest Dr. Mark Mobius covered expert views on MENA and emerging markets including the impact of oil prices on economies, as well as what structural reforms are required for sustainable growth.

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