Online Lecture Islamic wealth management Part 1: Tuesday 26th Jan 2021 - 7 pm GMT/UK

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Hosted and moderated by Kristiane Backer, Michael Gassner is speaking on Islamic wealth management in three lectures - based on his upcoming book in German about Islam, Finance and Prosperity ( )

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Part 1 will discuss the issues with debt, interest and inequality - why does interest prohibition does make sense? What is wrong with today's tax rules, banking rules and monetary policy in a nutshell? Rather than going into various explanation, Michael argues that exponential growth of debt is the core of the problem. The poor getting poor and the rich richer? He explains how debt and interest really shifts wealth.

Session two - date to be announced - will discuss the heritage of Islamic financial planning in Quran and Sunna, and the genre of Tadbir started by a scholar loved in East and West: Avicenna/Ibn Sina. The Islamic wealth mindset will be explored - minding well that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was apparently the richest man of Arabia and than gave back all to his society during prophethood. In order to show how to apply those principles over the three phases of earning, preserving and spending (including charity) a sample financial plan will be presented.

Session Three then moves to discuss how align the goals with asset allocation. From investment into companies, stocks, Sukuk, properties and if and how Islamic credit would look and work out. A last chapter warns about all things shifting wealth without benefit: From legally permissible, but Islamically impermissible CFD & binary options, to ponzi schemes, advance fee fraud and money mules.


Michael Gassner lives and works in Geneva. He works full-time as Head of Islamic Finance at a Swiss private bank. He is also a member of the Sharia Board of Bosna Bank International in Sarajevo. After training in a German bank, he learned Arabic while studying business administration with a focus on finance, marketing and economic history. He spent his semester abroad in Damascus. After starting his career in the ‘New Economy’, he worked as a financial advisor and specialized in Islamic finance. He immigrated to Switzerland from Jeddah, where he oversaw Islamic product development at Bank Al Jazira.