Bahrain Islamic Bank convenes its AGM and elects new board

An Ordinary Shareholder Assembly of Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) was held on Sunday 7th July 2013 with the objective of electing a new Board. The result was the election of four new members to the Board in addition to the five members who are appointed. The following four members are the ones who were successful in the elections: Talal Ali Abdulla Al-Zain, Khalil Ebrahim Nooruddin Nooruddin, Ebrahim Hussein Ebrahim Abdul-Rahman, Othman I. N. Al-Askar. Accordingly, the Board of Directors constitution now is complete with a total number of nine as follows: Mr. Abdul Razak Abdulla Hassan Al Qassim (Chairman), Brig. Khalid Mohammed Al Mannai (Vice Chairman), Mr. Talal Ali Abdulla Al Zain, Mr. Khalil Ebrahim Nooruddin, Mr. Mohammed Al Zarrouq Rajab, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Abdulla Ali, Mrs. Fatima Abdulla Budhaish, Mr. Ebrahim Hussain Ebrahim Abdul Rahman, Mr. Osman Ebrahim Naser Al Askar.