Kuwait's Investment Dar makes new offer to creditors

Kuwait's Investment Dar has made a settlement-in-kind offer to creditors, in the latest of a long line of restructurings at the company. In a statement, it said the new offer was presented to creditors at a meeting in Dubai on Wednesday, and that it was optional and voluntary. The offer is an alternative to a proposal Dar made under a KD1 billion ($3.6 billion) debt restructuring plan agreed in 2011. There were no details of the type or value of assets offered under Wednesday's proposal. Giving reasons for the new settlement offer, Investment Dar said it had originally hoped that one of its "major assets" would have been returned to it by now through the Kuwaiti judicial system, but that this had not happened. The company has been in a long-running legal battle over a stake it once held in Bouyban Bank.