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Abu Dhabi Bank Taps Expats With Barclays Buyout

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC (ADIB) is seeking to bring a boom in Shariah-compliant lending to the expatriate population in the UAE. ADIB agreed to buy the conventional retail assets of Barclays Plc (BARC) in the United Arab Emirates for 650 million dirhams ($177 million). The deal is the second of its kind for ADIB, which bought a stake in Egypt’s National Bank of Development in 2007. ADIB has been a corporate-focused bank so having a larger retail footprint will be positive for balancing it’s loan book. Barclays’s U.A.E. customers will notice a difference during the transition, even while they won’t experience any disruption.

Hong Kong still a long way from being an Islamic finance hub

Hong Kong's government has proposed a new law allowing it to issue Islamic sovereign bonds. This is a grand plan but maybe a little too ambitious. This is not the first time the government has promoted Islamic finance but not much has been achieved. The Hong Kong government now plans to issue sukuk. But whether a government issue will encourage other companies to follow with their own offerings remains a big question mark. The government has already launched the government bond and ibond programme but the local debt market is still not very active. Brokers speculate the Hong Kong government wants to promote Islamic bonds because Beijing wants to have a good relationship with Middle Eastern countries. If that is true, it may be up to some mainland companies to issue sukuk.

Islamic finance needs global sharia board - IDB president

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has called for the creation of a global sharia advisory board that can offer greater uniformity for the Islamic finance industry. A centralised format to the supervision of sharia-compliant banking products is gaining favour across the globe, as regulators seek to standardise industry practices and improve consumer perceptions. IDB president Ahmad Mohamed Ali said that IDB and IFSB (Islamic Financial Services Board) should study ways for creating globally acceptable references for the industry. This could include striving for the concept of a globally accepted sharia committee or body, which would be able to assist all Islamic financial institutions and bring them in line with a uniform standard. A global sharia board would also allow the industry to address low penetration rates in majority Muslim countries.

The Agricultural Development Bank (ADB): Islamic banking services coming to T&T

The Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) is hoping to introduce Islamic banking services for its Muslim and non-Muslim clients within one year. In order to educate the public about Islamic banking methods and strategies, ADB sought the help of experts from Deloitte and Touche. Jail Leladhasingh, corporate manager, business development at ADB, said the ADB is exploring the possibility of setting up the bank to offer this alternative service to farmers.

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