German banking regulator BAFIN organised 2nd Conference on Islamic Finance

On 10 May 2012 BaFin will hold its second conference on Islamic financial services in Frankfurt. The agenda includes sharia-compliant capital market products and the opportunities and challenges they present.

The presenters at the conference will be leading international representatives of financial supervisory authorities, universities and market participants. The event features a mix of panels and will be held in English.

BaFin hosted its first conference on Islamic finance in autumn 2009 and received a very positive response.

As the number of participants is limited, please fill out the expression of interest form if you would like to attend the conference. We will inform you as soon as possible whether your registration was successful.


Time: 10 May 2012 (10 am to 6 pm)

A. Welcome and First Overview

B. Panel I: Islamic Funds
Sharia-compliant Funds
Sharia-compliant Derivatives
Sharia-compliant Share Indices

C. Panel II: Sukuk and Securitization
Key Aspects of Sukuk
Key Aspects of Securitization

D. Panel III: Special Aspects of Islamic Finance
Market Potential of Islamic Finance
Aspects and Challenges of Taxation

German regulator BAFIN organises Islamic finance conference

The German regulator BAFIN is organising an Islamic finance conference on 29 October 2009. The announcement is in German, but the conference is held in English. The conference shall show different aspects of Islamic finance, and to determine the salient features. Further it shall discuss the developments in the insurance sector and capital markets. The aim of the conference is to sharpen the conscience about Islamic finance und its increasing role, the foundations of sharia compliant business, and the challenges involved herewith from the regulatory perspective.

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