Mohammad Daud Bakar

#Investing In #Gold: a Game Changer for #Islamic Finance?

Mohammad Daud Bakar says gold will be a game changer as a commercial asset, investment asset and hedging asset as well. There is now an attempt to put Sharia standard on gold, this will remove the worries of the scholars and regulators. Mohammad Daud Bakar believes the asset classes have to be expanded and Islamic banking shouldn't rely so much on commodities.

Shariah experts push for scholar certificates

Leading Islamic finance scholars are preparing the first global certification for Shariah experts, seeking to bolster the industry’s reputation and make it easier for banks to find qualified advisers. The International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance in Kuala Lumpur will pick a board of regulators by year- end to issue permits for scholars qualified to sit on Shariah boards. The scholars decide whether financial products meet the religion’s precepts, including a ban on interest payments. Scholars are now required to have recognized university degrees before they can act as advisers to banks and companies. The council of scholars at the academy includes Sheikh Nizam Yaquby of Bahrain, Mohammad Daud Bakar of Malaysia and Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah of Syria. A centralized regulator for scholars will help increase investment because banks would save time in choosing experts to ensure products meet religious principles. The institution doesn’t plan to restrict scholars on the number of advisory panels they can join.

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