Alinma Investment

Saudi based Alinma Investment stuns the market with their Sukuk Bond ETF launch

Alinma Investment has recently launched its Sukuk Bond ETF in order to provide a low risk investment vehicle for the end investor. The world is currently awash with volatility and there has never been a better time to reap the benefits of a well-diversified multi-asset model portfolio. Until the recent launches of Sukuk Bond ETFs, it had proven very difficult to construct a Model Portfolio for GCC based investors, but this is no longer the case and it is not out of the question that this opening up of the Saudi Arabia Government Bond market could prove a key step going forward for other investors outside of the region. Alinma’s stunning ETF launch has more than a USD300 million in seed, so this fund is already large enough to be used by institutional investors across the globe.

CMA announces the approval of offering of investment fund

CMA Board of Commissioners' resolution concerning its approval for Alinma Investment Company's offer of "Alinma Multi Assets Defensive Fund" and "Alinma Multi Assets Aggressive Fund" has been issued.


Alinma Investment launches new funds

Alinma Investment has announced the launch of official public operations with licenses to engage in all investment related activities including dealing, managing, arranging, advisory and custody services.
Abdul-mohsen Al-Fares, chairman of the board of directors of Alinma Investment, said that time was right for launching the business and the price-to-earnings ratios of local and international companies were suitable for investment.

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