Hajara Adeola

Expectation high as Lotus Halal traded fund lists on NSE

Hajara Adeola, managing director, Lotus Capital Limited, has spoken on the benefits of the forthcoming listing of first Sharia Compliant Equity Exchange Traded Fund, the Lotus Halal Equity Exchange Traded Fund (LHEETF) on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange via an initial offer for subscription. he TLHE ETF will be very liquid, he said, since its units can be bought and sold any time on the Exchange. More so, investors who hold a minimum of 5,000,000 units of the LHE ETF can exit by exchanging their LHE ETF units for the relevant number of the Fund’s underlying shares. Investors can either subscribe via a cash subscription or via in-kind subscription by the delivery of the stocks of the constituent companies of the NSE- LII in exchange for units of the ETF.

‘Nigeria can be a hub for Islamic finance'

Hajara Adeola is the CEO of Lotus Capital Limited, an ethical investment firm specialising in Shari’ah compliant asset management. She speaks on the challenges of Islamic finance practices in Nigeria and why the country should be part of the huge global Islamic finance market.
"I can use money, but I can't eat it. But I can buy rice at a cost and trade it at a premium and make my profit. Or I can build a house, and I can rent or lease it out. The fact that I have N7,000 for a bag of rice, I should not earn money just for having it in cash, as you do in the bank which is what interest is. You get a rate on money and that is what is forbidden in Islam." This is one of her many points of view.

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