Gatehouse Bank plc

Gatehouse Bank posts solid H1 performance

An announcement of Gatehouse Bank plc states that the bank has a strong set of interim results for the first six months of 2012. Profit projections have been exceeded by almost 10% with a total of more than $3.2 million (GBP 2.1 million). This shows that the bank’s business and operating model is maturing out of its start-up phase. The bank is also close to meeting its 2012 financial plan, since the income for the same period is £6,121k in comparison with £1,719k for the comparative period - a 250% increase. Thus, substantial growth and wealth preservation on behalf of its investors is delivered.

Gatehouse Bank acquires diverse US industrial real estate portfolio

The Gatehouse Bank plc, a London-based Kuwaiti-owned wholesale Shariah compliant bank, has acquired an industrial US-based real estate portfolio at the cost of USD 155 Million. This portfolio includes 20 industrial properties from the West, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest regions of the U.S. which are leased to 12 tenants with an average remaining lease term of 14 years. The acquisition has been completed in joint venture partnership with the Brennan Investment Group. It is expected that the portfolio will bolster the stability of returns generated by the properties due to its unique diversity of industry, geography, and tenancy.

Gatehouse in world-first venture creates Takaful Brokerage in London

Gatehouse Bank plc will join Paul Napier Ltd in order to form Gatehouse Napier. This wil be the world's first Shariah compliant insurance broker which offers premium Takaful and Re-Takaful commercial risk solutions in London.
It appears that GCC investors have invested more than £3bn on UK commercial property in the post financial crisis.

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