Ma'ruf Amin

VP seeks greater digital literacy among Islamic economic actors

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin has appealed to Islamic economic and financial actors to hone their digital literacy skills to survive amid the changes arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. He gave a speach at the virtual opening of the 2020 Sharia Economic Festival and Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) in Jakarta. Amin affirmed that digitalization was conducted in the wake of the changes in the current life order, including shopping for basic necessities online or through social media with the use of the internet. Amin noted that in terms of products, health and hygiene aspects were of absolute importance and offered enormous opportunities for the halal product industry. Not only for sharia economic players, but this year's ISEF was also held virtually to adjust to the current conditions to thwart the transmission of COVID-19.

IDX launches first sharia equities index

Indonesia’s first sharia-compliant equities index was finally set in motion by Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). IDX president director Ito Warsito and MUI deputy chairman Ma'ruf Amin were the officials that took part.
The ISSI comprises 214 Indonesian stocks that account for 43.6 percent of the bourse's overall market capitalization.

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