Anne-Sophie Gintzburger

The Shariah Report 2012 profiles leading Shariah scholars

Report offers comprehensive reference material about Shariah scholars in the Middle East and around the world as Islamic Finance industry assets top US$1 trillion. Failaka Advisors, in partnership with Paris-based Grapes Market Research & Advisory, has released the second edition of The Shariah Report.

The 2012 version of the report is the world’s first comprehensive report on Shariah scholars, with detailed profiles of more than 120 of the top scholars in the Middle East and from around the globe highlighting Islamic Finance’s global reach.

“Spanning from East to West, The Shariah Report profiles Shariah Scholars from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe & North America, providing insight into the depth and breadth of the industry”, added Anne-Sophie Gintzburger, Founding Director at Grapes. Each scholarly profile comprises country of birth, academic qualifications, a cross-referenced list of institution where each scholar serves as a Shariah Board member, and a list of their important works on Islamic finance.

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