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Bangladesh Approves Islamic Instruments

In a bid to accelerate the country’s economy, Bangladesh has launched a new interest-free financial instrument, highlighting the need for a strong Islamic Shari`ah board or council to operate and supervise the new instrument. Professor Mujahidul Islam, senior teacher and former chairman of the banking department of Dhaka University, said however, that this kind of bond was not popular with Islamic banks, financial institutions and people. He opined that this bond fund should be invested in power sector, water treatment plants and any other profitable and economically viable projects which contribute to the welfare of the country and accelerate the economy.

Islamic Banking Knocks Germany’s Doors

According to plan the Turkish investment fund Kuveyt Turk will open the first Islamic bank in Germany this October. They sustain the hopes to overcome the euro crisis and to profit from successful Islamic banking. In contrast with highly speculative financial management which caused the ongoing euro crisis, the Islamic bank shall offer only transactions backed by tangible assets.

UK Muslims Get Access to Shari`ah Finances

UK Muslims will get access to financial products that are in line with Islamic Shari'ah rules, as day want to know what drives the returns they are receiving. A new service, called Ummah Financial Planning, has been recently launched by Garbutt & Elliott and should help around two to three million Muslims in the UK to manage their finances.

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