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Need to Strengthen Islamic Social Finance Sector

Issues raised and discussed at length during “International Workshop on Zakat, Waqf and Islamic Microfinance” and the idea of “Strengthening Islamic Social Finance Sector” were presented by Arshad Ajmal, Vice President of Sahulat Microfinance Society, at a programme organised by Forum for Discussion on Economic Issues. The event is a joint forum of Sahulat and Radiance Viewsweekly which was held in the national capital on 26 May. Mr. Ajmal, who was the only person invited from India as a resource person on Islamic Microfinance, shared his experience which he gathered and the points he raised during the workshop. Another notable point discussed was whether an Islamic Microfinance institution should and can be treated as a banking institution. Moreover, it was pointed out that Islamic finance places itself heavily on debt instruments and less on equity instruments.

RBI Needs to Evaluate Principles of Islamic Monetary System

The only tool (of interest rate) for RBI to control liquidity for balancing inflation and growth rate is not enough resulting in the inability to allow India grow better without inflation. Trying to exert control on inflation, RBI fails in terms of interest rate and the country's economic growth tumbles. According to RBI Governor, growth rate will decline and there will be an increase in inflation. He further indicates that in 2013 inflation is expected to rise in the third quarter followed by an ease in the fourth quarter.

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