Inside #lraq’s Cash Economy: Fully Reserved #Banking in a Monetary Dystopia

In Iraq the private sector is primarily cash-based. Bank financing is unavailable for all but the largest companies and even then is limited mainly to overdraft facilities. Private banks are subject to large and unpredictable demands for cash from depositors, while money transfer companies do not take deposits at all. The majority of households do not have a bank account, those with savings often hold them in the form of US dollar hoards in private safes.

Bahrain Financial Harbour: Business Location in the Middle East

According to Omar Al Mardi, Managing Director, Bahrain Financial Harbour, Bahrain depends on direct foreign investment. However, when there is political instability there is risk of having little foreign investment. Bahrain Financial Harbour ("BFH") has recently signed a 7 year BD90.5 million (US$ 240 million) Ijara facility for the Financial Center Project with several banks. The transaction was subject to Shariah Law and to English law. With this financing, the intention is to complete the infrastructure systems and facilities in Bahrain and to support the businesses within the Financial Harbour complex to eventually become the business location of the choice in the Middle East, Al Mardi said. Within the next six months to a year BFH will seek new targets and projects, he added.

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