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The girl called Jeevti was just 14 when she taken from her family in the night to be married off to a man who says her family owed him $1,000. Her mother, Ameri Kashi Kohli, is sure that her daughter paid the price for a never-ending debt. Ameri says she and her husband borrowed roughly $500 when they first began to work on the land, but she throws up her hands and says the debt was repaid.
It's a familiar story here in southern Pakistan: Small loans balloon into impossible debts, bills multiply, payments are never deducted. In this world, women like Ameri and her young daughter are treated as property: taken as payment for a debt, to settle disputes, or as revenge if a landowner wants to punish his worker. Sometimes parents, burdened by an unforgiving debt, even offer their daughters as payment. The women are like trophies to the men. They choose the prettiest, the young and pliable. Sometimes they take them as second wives to look after their homes. Sometimes they use them as prostitutes to earn money. Sometimes they take them simply because they can.

Interviewed: Samiullah: Modaraba A Profitable Sector Of Pakistan’s Islamic Financial Industry

Muhammad Samiullah is currently associated with NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan as Secretary General. From the platform of the Association, he has organized a number of workshops and seminars on different topics relating to the NBFI and Modaraba Sectors.
Samiullah is an active Member of FPCCI Standing Committee for Islamic Banking & Takaful. He is also a Member of the Arbitration Panel of Karachi Stock Exchange and holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Karachi University, Law Graduate and Dipomaed Associates of Institute of Bankers in Pakistan. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Takaful from Darul Uloom, Korangi. By profession Samiullah is a banker and has worked in Habib Bank Limited (HBL) in different disciplines for about 27 years, with his last posting in HBL as Vice President & Company Secretary, First Habib Bank Modaraba. He also officiated as Chief Executive of First Habib Bank Modaraba for quite some time.

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