Adnan Yousif

Al Baraka CEO says Syrian capital not moving to Lebanon

Adnan Yousif, Chief Executive Officer of Al Baraka Banking Group and President of the Union of Arab Banks, declined suggestions of capital flight from Syria to Lebanon.
Adnan stated that the Union calls for Arab banks to always be cautious in terms of funding and liquidity.

Al Baraka planning to buy Indonesian bank

The chief executive of Al Baraka bank announced that the bank wants to buy an Indonesian bank for around $100 million by year-end.
Adnan Yousif stated that they will send a delegation to seek the market.

France in focus for Al Baraka in 2011

Al Baraka Banking Group has confirmed its plans to open in France, saying it will open up five branches in metropolitan France from 2011.
Press reports in France claim that Al Baraka Chief Executive Adnan Yousif confirmed the bank's intentions to establish a presence in the country. The news that Al Baraka Banking Group plans to set up in France follows two years of activity by the French authorities aimed at attracting Islamic banking institutions.
Al Baraka has selected Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered as advisers.

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