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Assistant Manager - Policy review

Job Description

Job Objective:

To review the bank’s new product programs, policies, procedures, cycles re-engineering, and any amendments thereof to ensure efficiency & effectiveness of processes & controls.

Job Responsibilities:

Represent RMG in the committees formed for launching new products, process cycle re-engineering, new policies & procedures development, and any subsequent amendments thereof in order to share proposals and concerns as well as suggestions to mitigate the identified risks.

Review drafted new product programs, policies, procedures, proposed memos in order to highlight gaps in controls & inefficiency in process flows.

Liaise with stakeholders in order to discuss areas of concerns, assess overall residual risks of unresolved concerns & recommend for enhancement.

Follow up with the concerned departments for the revision of the policies & procedures in order to present changes for stakeholders’ review and document changes through the Policy & Procedures Dept.

Assist Risk Management in identifying the inherent risks that exists in the bank’s processes in order to share them with stakeholders.

Officer - Credit Policy & Portfolio Management

To assist in formulation/implementation of credit policies by maintaining a log of all policy related changes/amendments, preparation of various MIS reports/presentation, conducting policy trainings to sales channels, target market enlistment & record maintenance, conducting quality assessment review as per bank’s policy and procedures.

IDB: Young Professionals Program (YPP)


The Young Professionals Program (YPP) is the strategic talent pipeline for the professional career in the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group. The Program is designed for outstanding young graduates who can significantly help the IDB Group to carry out its mission and attain its objectives.

This Program enables each Young Professional (YP) to receive extensive exposure and experience of the IDB Group’s various activities through job rotations in different departments. Participants will initially spend two weeks Orientation stage in HRMD. Then, 27 months in Foundation stage which will be split into three rotations of 9 months each in IDB Group departments.

Participants will also benefit from a coaching/mentoring arrangement and a wide range of relevant training and developmental opportunities.

Upon successful program completion, the participant will gradually climb up the professional grades in the IDB Group


Assistant Manager - Credit Policies and Planning

To develop, review and enhance:
· Credit Risk Policy (CRP)
· Guidelines to CRP (GCRP) in line with CAFIB, Basel II / IFSB requirements and BNM's Best Practice guidelines.
· To monitor and track compliance by business units and other relevant support departments to the bank's credit risk policies.

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