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IDB: Young Professionals Program (YPP)


The Young Professionals Program (YPP) is the strategic talent pipeline for the professional career in the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group. The Program is designed for outstanding young graduates who can significantly help the IDB Group to carry out its mission and attain its objectives.

This Program enables each Young Professional (YP) to receive extensive exposure and experience of the IDB Group’s various activities through job rotations in different departments. Participants will initially spend two weeks Orientation stage in HRMD. Then, 27 months in Foundation stage which will be split into three rotations of 9 months each in IDB Group departments.

Participants will also benefit from a coaching/mentoring arrangement and a wide range of relevant training and developmental opportunities.

Upon successful program completion, the participant will gradually climb up the professional grades in the IDB Group


Head, Shariah Compliance

• To assist in managing RHBIB’s Shariah internal control activities.
• To assist in managing the post approval Shariah review activities on Islamic finance business activities.
• To prepare periodical Shariah Review report which will be submitted to relevant authorities as stipulated in Shariah Framework.

Manager, Shariah Secretarial (Secretarial & Advisory)

· As an assistant secretary to the Bank’s Shariah Committee (SC)
· To undertake bi-annual review of the performance of Shariah Committee covering their welfare, remuneration packages and benefits

Shariah Compliance Manager

Executes, administers and monitors the products and services provided by SABB Amanah and IBSA HSBC to ensure compliance with Shariah rules and guidelines (Fatwas) at all times. Highlights cases of non compliance by a particular team/department and regularly monitors the same to ensure closure of gaps thereby enhancing the Amanah image among its customers and improving the overall profitability of the Business.


Sharia'a Compliance Officer

- Carry the Sharia review for documents, contracts, products, manuals, marketing material, policies and procedures and all other bank documents under the direct supervision of the Manger Sharia Compliance and Audit.
- Maintaining a log system and incoming Sharia queries from different departments and the response of the Manager or the SSB to them.
- Maintaining database and record for all the Fatawa issued by the SSB.
- Organize and maintain the agenda and schedules of the compliance department tasks.
- Assist the head of department in organizing, maintaining the secretariat of the Sharia Supervisory Board.


Executive - Shariah Compliance & Review

· To prepare the plan, analysis and report for post approval Shariah review.
· To assist post approval Shariah review activities on Islamic finance business activities.
· To liaise with the Group Internal Audit, staff at units/branches and commodity brokers before and after the execution.
· To assist in preparing and conducting the relevant Shariah training for the staff at branches/units.
· To do research in relation to Shariah Compliance and Review.

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